Split Fence Board

Wood is a consumable product. Naturally, it is designed to absorb moisture. As time goes by and they are faced with the natural elements of cold and heat, fences start to rot and deteriorate. Fence boards start to crack, posts will rot.

Most fence contractors try to avoid doing repairs because they find that it is not profitable. At California Fences, we see it from a different point of view. It is not about the profit. We see it as an opportunity to serve you and build a long lasting relationship.

Not ready to change your fence? No worries, our Worry-Free Maintenance Program is what you have been looking for!
Our Worry-Free Maintenance Program is specifically designed for homeowners that are looking to prolong the life of their fence.

Worry-Free Maintenance Benefits

You will get priority scheduling for repairs
Annual checkups to identify weak points in the framing or potential issues that may be developing

We will nail boards and trim back into place and replace as needed


Strategic plan to reinforce the fence and a timeline of when to do a complete replacement

50% discount:

– Post repairs

– Replacing missing or broken fence boards