Why Us


California Fences Promises


We understand that when your fence goes down, it may leave you feeling unsecure. Especially if you have kids and/or pets. It can disrupt everything from letting your kids play in the backyard to just letting your pets out for some fresh air. This is why we promise to get your fence installed in 30 days or less. If we can’t get your installation done within 30 days of signing the contract, we will discount your fence project 10% for each additional week that your fence is not installed.


It takes more than just using the best materials to make the best fence. That is why, on top of using the best materials, we have taken our 30+ years of building experience to engineer the best way to build a fence. Every detail in our process has been carefully thought out and is designed to increase the strength and rigidity of your fence. We are so confident that our fences will stand up ot the test of time, that we offer a 20 year written guarantee that covers your entire fence so you can have peace of mind. 


All of our team members are drug screened and background checked before they are hired. We want to be able to trust them in our own home before we trust them in yours. Our team is extensively trained and professional. We will not swear or smoke on your property and we will do a proper clean up when they are finished with your project. If you are not completely satisfied with our service and we cannot fix the problem, we will let you name a price that you think is fair and that is what you will pay.

20 Year Guarantee

 All of our fences come standard with a 15 year guarantee but the guarantee can be extended to 15 years from the installation date with our Worry Free Maintenance! We guarantee your posts and kickboards for 15 years against twisting, bending, and rotting. But you can also have your entire fence guaranteed for 20 years with our Worry Free Maintenance. This includes your posts, kickboards, rails, fence boards, and trim. We even guarantee the gates to operate as intended for 20 years.
*Repairs do not qualify.

No Change Order Guarantee

In the construction industry, it is common for a company to give you a lower priced estimate to win your business and then they make up the profit by giving you a change order for a detail that was missed. We don’t feel that is an ethical way of doing business. This is why we guarantee that the price we quote you is the price you pay. As professionals, we take responsibility for catching every detail and informing about it you before you decide to work with us. If we miss something when we are giving you a quote, we will still perform what is needed and you will not have to pay for it.

*Does not apply if the homeowner wants to change or add something to the quote

Workmanship Guarantee

We are committed to give you the absolute best experience with California Fences. All of our team members are background checked and drug tested before they are hired. They also go through extensive training to make sure that they are the best builders and the most professional. They will not smoke or swear while they are working at your home. They will clean up properly before they leave as well. If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided, we will let you name the price you feel is fair and that is what you pay.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We know that dollar for dollar, we offer the best value in fencing. Anyone can make something cheaper by cutting corners, but we refuse to compromise on our quality, workmanship, and service. If you get another estimate that is lower than ours, get it in writting. If we are comparing “apples to apples” we will beat there estimate by 5%.

*Competitors estimate must be in writing and must be “apples to apples”