Retaining Walls


If your property is uneven, sloping, on a hillside, or all of the above, a retaining call can really help you get the most out of your yard by creating level terrain. Everything from garden beds, flower beds, or maintaining hillsides, they can help expand your useable space.
Something to keep in mind, retaining walls must be able to withstand a lot of weight and elements. Just like with our Redwood Fences, we use a lot of strategies and techniques to increase the strength and rigidity of our retaining walls to ensure that they will last.

California Fences Installation Advantages

Pressure Treated wood for anything that is going to contact the ground to minimize rot

We dome the concrete to promote water run-off and prevent water from puddling on the posts which will prevent water rot

16’ top rails to bind 3 posts which makes your fence more stable

All of our foremen go through extensive and continual training to ensure consistent quality!

All posts are set 3+ feet into the ground to give your fence added rigidity

Concrete is dry sacked to avoid cracking from the movement when setting the frame and the impact from all the adjusting, nailing, and hammering