Redwood Fences


6' Board on Board Fence In Livermore

California Fences (formally known as Diablo Builders) has been serving the Tri-Valley for over 29 years. In that time, we have become obsessed with giving our clients the absolutely best service and experience. We know that response time and communication play a big key in this. This is why we offer a 2 hour response time guarantee!

Not all fencing companies are created equal. Just like most things in life, it comes down to the small details that make a big difference in the finished product. There are many strategies and techniques that we use in the construction of our fences to make them last longer for you.

We start with using only the highest quality materials. We Hand Select all of our Fresh and Thick-Cut Premium Redwood. All of the wood we use has been freshly milled within 2-4 weeks of the installation time. See below for our other advantages!


California Fences Installation Advantages

We use Douglas Fir Pressure Treated Wood for everything that is going to contact the ground to minimize moisture rot

We dome the concrete to promote water run-off and prevent water from puddling on the posts which will prevent water rot

Overlapping 16’ top rails to eliminate joints on top of your posts which makes your fence more stable

All of our foremen go through extensive and continual training to ensure consistent quality!

All of our fence boards are thick cut and framed in with 1X1’s to maintain their positioning

Our fence boards are carefully overlapped so you don’t get any gaps when the fence boards expand and contract with the weather

All posts are set 2.5 feet into the ground to give your fence added rigidity and have 4″-6″ of gravel to allow the post to drain and dry out

Concrete is dry sacked to avoid cracking from the movement when setting the frame and the impact from all the adjusting, nailing, and hammering

All Of Our Fences Carry A 15 Year Guarantee!