Deer Fences


Deer fencing can serve many scenarios for your property. Everything from enclosing small garden areas the entire perimeter of your property. Another scenario where deer fence is ideal is if you have a great view. It is virtually invisible from a distance and has the strength to keep deer and other wildlife out of your yard.

An important thing to note when you are installing deer fencing is how visible it is for deer. The key is to build a fence that is strong enough that the deer will bounce off it, but not so visible that they can judge the height to jump it.

There are certain strategies and techniques that we use in the construction of our deer fence to make them last longer for you.

Deer Fence

California Fences Installation Advantages

Pressure Treated wood for anything that is going to contact the ground to minimize rot

We dome the concrete to promote water run-off and prevent water from puddling on the posts which will prevent water rot

16’ top rails to bind 3 posts which makes your fence more stable

All of our foremen go through extensive and continual training to ensure consistent quality!

All posts are set 2+ feet into the ground to give your fence added rigidity

Concrete is dry sacked to avoid cracking from the movement when setting the frame and the impact from all the adjusting, nailing, and hammering

With all of this, we also carry a 20 year guarantee!